visitor management system
visitor management system
visitor management system
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Cogent Innovations Pvt. Ltd is continually driven to bring out products that are different and yet better tailored to suit the user. TouchPoint Visitor Management Software System has now been improved in all aspects and crafted into a new slim, sleek, lighter version which we call TouchPoint LITE. With smarter features, simple technology and easy operation TouchPoint LITE will change the way you manage your facility – the icing on the cake being that it is lighter on your pocket too!

Boring visitor logs are a thing of the past. Today technology has taken over and voila a unique Visitor Management Software is crafted - TouchPoint LITE! It automates your visitor experience making it efficient, professional and satisfying.

Try it for free! We’ll be deLIghTEd to show you a demo so get in touch with us NOW!

visitor management system
TouchPoint LITE Benefits
visitor management system Visitor Check-In

Capture all details of your new visitor with the ‘visitor Check-in’ menu. Your visitor’s image is immediately captured using any standard Webcam and the pass printed on a self-adhesive sticker using a thermal printer or on a normal paper/paper-card with any ink jet/laser jet printer.

The search pop-up option and Dropdown lists allows for quick selection of returning visitors and modification of a visitor’s record can be done via the ‘update’ option under the ‘checked-in’ list or search list.

visitor management system
visitor management system Visitor Check-Out

You can checkout a visitor with the easy double click ‘Visitor check-out’ option. This option also enables sorting of visitor list in ascending or descending order and configuration of the display width of each column can be done.

Visitor details can viewed and further be modified by choosing the ‘Delete’ menu item under Checked-In List or Search List and right=clicking on the item to select it.

visitor management system
visitor management system Visitor Search

The ‘Visitor Search’ option enables search using maximum filters with date ranges. Once the particular visitor is found you can easily edit details with just a double click.

You can also delete, print a pass and checkout from the context menu, as well as sort the list in ascending or descending order or as per required fields/columns.

visitor management system
visitor management system Others HighLITEs

Other benefits of Touch Point Lite include the ‘how to help’ texts and FAQ’s for the Visitor Check-In, Check-Out, Search and Settings modules. TouchPoint Lite can be used with or without a webcam. It’s ‘Tool tip’ texts for all the fields in the check-in screen are extremely useful for the user and can be used for an unlimited period of time, with no restrictions on the usage or the number of visitors per day.

visitor management system
visitor management system Settings

Under the ‘settings’ option you can Set/Change the company name printed on the visitor pass, enable/disable password protection to the Application, Set the Forgot password hint to display a password reminder text and Purge the data between specific date ranges.

visitor management system System & Installation Requirements

There are no pre-requisite software needs that have to be installed in the computer for Touch Point LITE to work. The installer file download size is only about 10 megabytes (MB) and since it is small it can be installed and run in Window XP SP2 and Windows 2003 Server SP2 operating systems.

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